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I don’t think the other characters ‘overshadowed’ Sonic anyway really. I’m honestly not sure why people complained; other characters have been a part of the series since the second game. Knuckles was important in Sonic 3 (and Knuckles) so why did people just start complaining a few years ago? I personally think that while most of the characters have their own roles, ‘place’ or importance, they don’t overshadow Sonic at all.

I would have liked to see more playable characters in Lost World or any future Sonic game. I’m not going to complain about it, but it would be nice, right?


Blaze The Cat

Ya know what really Grinds my Gears?


Sonic the Hedgehog.

I mean the whole “Sonic is a joke” thing. It’s gotten old - really old.

Yes, it has its embarrassing sides and never was and never will be perfect, but it’s 2013. Ever since the turn of the decade, the series has been going from strength to strength, with increasingly fantastic games such as “Sonic Colours” and “Sonic Generations” and the American comic series, despite its behind-the-scenes turbulance, is an absolute pleasure to read, especially in its current simpler direction - but it’s actually pretty rare to find anyone else these days who acknowledges that, even within the frankly reprehensible fanbase. This doesn’t apply to every Sonic fan, of course. The fans I’ve found on Tumblr so far are lovely people - optimistic, open-minded and passionate fans who give the series the appreciation and criticism it deserves right now - but it’s bad enough that Sonic is being treated with such antagonistic ignorance by the general gaming community without the majority of the Sonic fanbase being some of the most downright miserable and selfish souls I’ve ever seen in my life!

But the thing that offends me the most is the appalling correlation between Sonic fans and autism. In fact, the “autism” insult in general offends me, but that’s for another rant. I understand that it comes from the fact that the Sonic character has a special appeal to autistic children, but to use it as an insult - and as satire, even - towards fans of the franchise and the franchise in general is incredibly indecent. In fact, it’s downright sick.

Sadly, I know that there’s nothing I can really do about it and that once-upon-a-time the Sonic franchise really wasn’t something worth defending, but I hope that one day, sooner rather than later, this disgusting ignorance will die and, should this encouraging streak of self-improvement continue, people will treat the Sonic franchise with more respect. As for right now, we have two great games, a few okay ones, an evolving comic series and a very promising upcoming title in “Sonic: Lost World” to look forward to, so let’s see Sonic for not what it was in the past, but for what it is now.


Everytime someone acts ashamed to be a Sonic fan a part of me dies.


Sasi_sage/Sage Sasi has done it yet again.



…That is so ugly




Wonderful, isn’t it? ;)


And it begins! Sonic The Hedgehog: Relative Chaos begins now!

This is the latest and greatest version of a fancomic I started about five years ago now of the same name. Sadly the original only made it past a few pages, but I aim to rectify that with this new version, with all new visuals (now completely in black and white) and a much better revised plot and best of all it’s going to be updated weekly! YES WEEKLY! I’ve made a backlog of pages so that you wonderful folks won’t have to deal with my long hiatuses! So without further Adieu, Relative Chaos everyone!

I’ve also uploaded it to smackjeeves if you prefer the ol comic viewer style:

If you want to view Higher Quality files you can find them on my deviantart page: